A small script to return a list of kubernetes resources.
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Get K8s Resources

The get_k8s_resources script is a small script that will return a list of all instances of a certain kubernetes type JSON formatted.


    $ get-k8s-resources -h
    usage: get-k8s-resources [-h] [-n NAMESPACE] [-c CONTEXT] -t

    Returns a json list of kubernetes deployments.

    optional arguments:
      -h, --help            show this help message and exit
      -n NAMESPACE, --namespace NAMESPACE
                            filter by namespace
      -c CONTEXT, --context CONTEXT
                            context to use
      -t {deployments,services,pods,ingresses}, --type {deployments,services,pods,ingresses}
                            type of kubernetes resource to get
      --kubeconfig KUBECONFIG
                            path to the kubeconfig


The requirements can be found in the requirements.txt file in this repository.


By default, this tool will try to find your kubeconfig in the default paths where kubectl looks for. It will also try to take assumptions on which context it should be using if there are multiple contexts in the same configuration. Generally, it should work as shown in the help menu.